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Natural Gas Procurement & Cost Reduction Services

  • Perform Alternate Energy studies and provide reports to verify most economical energy sources and delivery method
  • Procure natural gas supplies for clients by competitive bidding
  • Assist in negotiation of contract terms and conditions
  • Negotiate discounted natural gas transportation to client facility
  • Aggregate natural gas loads as necessary to achieve better pricing
  • Manage required natural gas nominations, scheduling, balancing and measurement
  • Review natural gas invoices for price and usage accuracy
  • Advise clients of market conditions, both fundamental and technical
  • Monitor and provide real time NYMEX and Globex pricing or forecasts
  • Use physical and financial instruments, including price locks, caps, collars, floors and ceilings to reduce client’s exposure to market volatility
  • Schedule site visits to review equipment or facility changes
  • Review sales tax exemption status
  • Monitor local, state and federal regulatory developments